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Beverly Hills Breast Revision

Breast enhancement procedures have some of the highest postoperative patient satisfaction ratings of any cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles. However, that does not mean that every woman is satisfied with the outcome of her procedure. Whether changes in the breast due to age and gravity have resulted in subpar results or a previous procedure simply didn’t turn out the way you wanted, our breast revision surgery at Simply Breasts can help you finally get the look you deserve.* Health insurance companies typically cover breast revision surgeries. If you would like to learn more about how breast revision surgery can bring out the best in your body, we have compiled some informative resources on this page for you.

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What You Need to Know About Breast Revision Surgery

  • If you are considering our breast revision surgery, the following information may be helpful:
  • Revision augmentation– The development of firm breasts, excessive scar tissue, problems with an implant leak or rupture or less than the ideal settling of an implant can all add up to unsatisfactory breast augmentation results. Our surgeons can help you get the look you want with revision augmentation.*
  • Revision mastopexy– A breast lift or mastopexy may not give you the higher, firmer results you wanted going into surgery. Over time, breasts may droop again due to pregnancy, aging, and gravity alone. A revision mastopexy can give more uplifted breasts, correct breast asymmetry, and reduce the appearance of scarring.*
  • Revision breast reduction– In some cases, breast reduction may be performed in a way that leaves you looking uneven or simply does not deliver the smaller and more beautiful results you envisioned. Our breast reduction revision surgery from our breast surgeons can help.*
  • Revision breast reconstruction– Reconstructing a breast deformity to achieve natural-looking symmetrical breasts is a difficult challenge. Breast reconstruction sometimes requires several stages by the inherent type of deformity and surgical options. If you have been unhappy with the results of a previous reconstructive surgery, revision breast reconstruction in our experienced hands can help you feel better about your figure.*
  • Breast revision FAQs– Still have questions? Here is a closer look at everything you should know about breast revision surgery, including the type of results that you can expect and finding out more about whether you may be a candidate.

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*Results from surgical or non-surgical procedures will vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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